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Annual amount raised for cause 42.5% of the total amount


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*after operating costs deducted

Host A Draw

The revolutionary digital fundraising platform that makes raising money simple for sports clubs, events and charities.

Play Fund Win make fundraising easy by taking the hassle out of licensing, allowing sports clubs of all sizes to raise money easily.

Our draws ensure a minimum of half of the net proceeds go to good causes, with the remainder won as a cash prize, plus our platform encourages subscriptions so sports clubs can create regular income.

Who can host Play Fund Win draws?

  • Grassroots Sports Teams

    Raising funds to offset operating costs and encourage participation in sport. Learn more
  • Professional Teams

    Raising funds for the clubs charitable foundations or junior academies associated with them. Learn more
  • Musicians

    Raising funds for charities they are patrons of, or that they want to support. Learn more
  • Venues

    Raising funds to support local good causes. Learn more
  • Event Organisers

    Using the events they run as a vehicle for raising funds for local charities they support. Learn more
  • Schools and Youth Groups

    Organisations who want to host digital draws to raise vital funds. Learn more
  • Charities

    Raising funds to help the charities provide their specialist work. Learn more

The benefits of Play Fund Win draws

Any organisation can stage Play Fund Win draws, providing the
proceeds are not being used for personal or commercial gain.

Raise funds

Help to raise essential funds, with a minimum of 50% of net proceeds from all draws going directly to charities, sports clubs or other good causes – more than any other fundraising draw platform.

Free draw hosting

It is free to host a draw, we have no hidden charges, no minimum player numbers and no set-up costs. We charge a small operating fee to cover our own costs.

Sign-up today to create your own,
bespoke draw page

Through our simple sign-up process you can create your own draw page hosted on our platform. We’re always available via chat if you have any questions.

Marketing support

Our team can create bespoke marketing materials to assist in promoting your fundraising draw, free of charge.


Easily manage communications
to your entrants

We take the hassle out of communicating with entrants by Notifying the winners and distributing the prizes for you.


We provide detailed reporting to draw hosts, allowing them to monitor the success of their draw and associated marketing campaigns.

Thinking of starting a draw?

The revolutionary digital raffle platform that makes fundraising
simple for sports clubs, events and charities.



Grassroots Sports Teams

Raising funds to offset operating costs and encourage participation in sport.


Rotherham Town Juniors FC (RTJFC)

  • RTJFC have 11 teams, ranging from under 7s, to under 17s.
  • The club has 165 members.
  • Draws are staged at every home game with tickets costing £2 to enter.
  • Total entries = c250 entries per draw
    (including family, friends and opposition).
  • Total money retained by RTJFC = c£212.50.
  • Total prize money won per draw = c£212.50.

If the club stage 26 draws a year, they would raise £5,525 from Play Fund Win which is enough to cover all pitches, referees, U11s, nets and the majority of new kits.

Professional Teams

Raising funds for the club’s charitable foundation or junior academy.


Manchester United

  • Manchester United’s average home attendance is c70,000 at every match.
  • In this example 20% of the crowd purchase a £5 ticket for a draw staged at half time.
  • Total entries = c14,000.
  • Total money retained by Manchester United Foundation. = c£32,375.
  • Total prize money won by somebody in the Stadium = c£32,375.

If the club stages 19 draws a year (at all Premier League home games), they would raise £565,250 from Play Fund Win per season… and that is just from people in the stadium. With the global reach of Manchester United their entries-per-draw could be significantly higher.


Looking to raise funds for charities they want to support.


Ed Sheeran Tour

  • Ed Sheeran’s 2018 UK tour was attended by 1,000,000 people.
  • He played 20 nights in 6 cities (avg. 50,000 per night).
  • In this example, a draw is staged each night with each entry being £10. 25% of attendees purchase a ticket.
  • Ed will nominate a local charity of his choice. The chosen charity will be the beneficiaries of that nights funds raised.
  • Total entries per night – 12,500 (total revenue per night – £125,000).
  • Prize won by somebody in the stadium, per night – £53,125.
  • Funds raised for Ed’s charities, per night – £53,125.
  • Total funds raised for Ed’s charities across the tour
    – £1,062,500.

Somebody in the crowd wins £53,125 every night!


That want to raise funds to support local good causes.


Manchester Arena (ASM Global)

  • Manchester Arena welcomes c1,000,000 paying visitors annually.
  • In this example, 25% of attendees take part, paying £5 each to enter.
  • Manchester Arena nominates a number of charities which it wishes to support (on some occasions they would also let the artist playing nominate charities too).
  • Total entries at Manchester Arena draws per year = 250,000.
  • Total entry fees = £1,250,000.
  • Total monies for good causes = £531,250.
  • If done at 100 events per year, somebody in the arena walks away with over £5,000 per night.

Event Organisers

Raising funds to support amazing charities.


Glastonbury Festival

  • Glastonbury Festival welcomes c200,000 paying visitors annually and supports a wide range of charities, including Oxfam and Water Aid. Each day the nominated charity would host the draw.
  • In this example, the entry fee for the Glastonbury Festival draw would be £10, and 25% of attendees take part.
  • Total entries = 50,000.
  • Total entry fees = £500,000.
  • Total monies for good causes = £425,000.
  • Total prize fund to be won by festival attendees = £425,000.

Youth Organisations

Helping youth groups raise vital funds to support their incredible work with young people.


Girlguiding UK

  • Girlguiding UK has over 500,000 paying members. For administrative purposes, the country is split in to 6 regions.
  • For this example, each region hosts a monthly draw, which gets 50,000 entries @ £5 per entry.
  • Regional revenue, per month = £250,000.
  • Total monthly revenue (multiplied by 6 regions) = £1.5m per month.
  • Total monies for good causes = £637,500.
  • Total monies retained by Girlguiding UK per month = £637,500.
  • Annual amount raised for Girlguiding UK = £637,500.

Raising funds to support their work.


Macmillan Cancer Support

  • Macmillan provide support to nearly 2 million people every year. The charity have hundreds of thousands of social media followers, including over 600k twitter followers. Each month, the charity can offer a prize bundle with items from corporate donors.
  • In this example, the entry fee for the draw would be £5, and 1% of their followers take part each month
  • Total annual entries = 72,000
  • Total annual entry fees = £360,000
  • Total annual funds to charity = £306,000
  • Each month, one entrant wins an amazing prize bundle for £5!
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