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Using QR Codes for Fundraising

April 1, 2022

Using QR Codes for Fundraising

Our guide to using QR codes effectively to support your fundraising draw.

In his definitive guide to QR codes, our Head of Marketing & Communications James Chadwick talks us through how they can be used as an effective tool for fundraising as he answers some of the key questions we get asked about these handy little codes. Read on to find out how QR codes could work for you, and what we can do to get you started with using them to generate funds for your cause.

What is a QR code and why should I use one?

A QR code is an image, which works in a similar way to a barcode. When these codes are scanned with a mobile phone or on a tablet, they link you directly to a webpage.

They are a great for use on printed materials such as posters or flyers, as a fast way of getting passers-by onto a webpage, rather than relying on them to search for a URL in their browser.

How can I use QR codes effectively?

QR codes are best used on physical materials, so they can be easily scanned by mobile devices. They provide an easy route to accessing your draw page and make the process of purchasing a ticket as easy as possible. We recommend using posters, flyers, or roller banners to put your QR code (and draw) front and centre, if you have a physical space at your club, event or charity facility.

Using QR Code data

We provide our draw hosts with reports on engagement with their QR codes. By using bespoke codes across different materials, placed in different locations around your facility or venue – the scan and transaction data which we provide will allow you to build a picture of the way in which your supporters or attendees engage with your draw. The QR code data can also provide wider insight into the effectiveness of your various marketing materials.

What if your phone doesn’t read QR codes?

Most mobile devices or tablets are able to read QR codes automatically through their camera function. You may need to enable Google Lens if you’re using an Android phone. If not, you can download a QR code reader app. We recommend the free QR & Barcode Scanner app.

How can I get a QR code?

When your draw is ready to go live, we will provide you with QR codes to help promote your draw. You are free to create your own, linking to your draw page, but by using one which we create we can ensure that transaction tracking insight is available. As part of the process of setting up your draw, we will provide you with print files for promotional materials and will include bespoke QR codes on these as standard.

If you would like different versions of these files to place in different areas (such as within a stadium setting) and gain additional insight, this is also something which we can provide.

Do QR codes collect personal data – and do I need consent to receive this?

No, QR codes in themselves do not collect any personal data. The only information which can be accessed on each scan are the time and location where the scan has been done, the times which the QR code has been scanned, and information on the operating system that was used to scan the code.

However, a QR code may link to a webpage or webform which may collect personal data. If so, make sure you are happy to share your data with the website or form creator. On our website, we let our users decide if they are happy for their data to be used for marketing purposes, and also ask new visitors to accept or decline our cookies policy.

To find out more about QR codes and how they can be used to effectively promote your fundraising, please contact and we’ll be happy to help!


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