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How to Boost Fundraising

February 22, 2022

How to Boost Fundraising

Our top tips for raising funds online for charities and other good causes.

Online fundraising has become increasingly prevalent in recent years and is a trend which has only further accelerated as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Charities and other good causes now need to be ready to accept cash-free payments and fundraising through digital channels. Alongside this, they also require the capabilities within their teams to maximise upon these.

To help you on your way, we’ve put together our guide to boosting fundraising through our draws, and more broadly – to help you on your way!


Direct traffic to your draw page or website through engaging content

A great way to get people onto either your website or draw page is through quality, engaging content. Why not share information about where the funds raised are likely to go – or sharing the prizes or rewards on offer for supporting your cause?

Another great way to create relevant engagement is by sharing quotes, images or videos with recent winners of draws, or beneficiaries of recent fundraising campaigns. This makes winning more tangible for possible supporters.

Other content such as competitions which can then link through to your website, or sign-up forms, are not only a great way of increasing traffic, but can also provide a good opportunity for data capture.

Planning out a content strategy so that you are posting regularly is a great way of increasing engagement, and also building a following – particularly if there is real substance to what you are sharing.


Make sure you are clear where funds will go

The best way of generating interest from users once they are on your website or fundraising draw page is to be clear on how the money will support you.

We suggest identifying specific items which certain sums of money might go towards such as £100 will pay X or £1000 will allow the charity to provide Y. Making the goals and outcomes more tangible to those who are thinking of supporting will help them to understand how their contribution will  make a difference.

Talking about the impact of funds raised after the fundraising activities is a compelling way to secure future support.


Setting fundraising goals

Having goals for your fundraising efforts is a great way to drive participation and support. We suggest sharing when you hit certain milestones. Similar to the previous point, once you hit targets which will help to fund specific items – be sure to shout about it!

If you are fundraising across multiple draws or campaigns, perhaps there’s a single project that the funds will go towards. Alternatively, you may wish to vary the beneficiary of the funds from month to month. That could be a different charity partner, or a different project or item which you’re raising funds for. This is something which can be changed from month-to-month on our platform – just let us know!

Keeping your fundraising targets fresh with each draw is important for maintaining engagement and energising your supporter-base to continue their support across these.


Using a call to action

Whilst a Play Fund Win draw page will clearly direct users towards completing a purchase and supporting your cause, it is equally important to ensure this is present on both your website and on any other messaging which goes out – be that through social media or direct messages on services like WhatsApp.

If it is on your website then you should have a clear button which is easily accessed on a page, rather than buried beneath other content. If it is on socials – perhaps the call to action could be displayed written on the graphic or image. Alternatively, you could signpost a link in the post text. Try using emojis to help these stand out.

In direct messages (such as WhatsApp), make sure you’re clear on where the link will take users, and what you are asking them to do once on that page.

You should also be clear on what you hope to achieve from that call to action. Do you want to link away to another page, convert support directly, or ask them to share data with you? Your message should be altered accordingly.


Tracking and insight

Play Fund Win provide detailed reporting to all of our hosts. We achieve this through regular updates from our Business Development team, and through post-draw wash-up meetings and report documents.

We create these using tracked links and QR codes to allow draw hosts to build a clear picture of how their supporters interact with advertising. It also allows us to track the user journey for them.

Using this level of insight across your own content is equally important for success. Try using tracked links through services such as – to differentiate between links in differing content. This will allow you to start to understand where your users are interacting with you best.

Surveying your users – be that formally or informally, is a great way to aid your understanding of what is or isn’t working with your fundraising draw or campaigns. You can also get a picture of the kinds of prizes which might incentivise them to enter future draws, as well as understanding the best price point for tickets, and regularity for draws.


Celebrate success stories

Fundraising is all about helping good causes. Make sure you shout about the successes on your draws and allow supporters to share both the draw and fundraising pages with their friends.

We provide social share buttons on our draw pages, and also offer template messaging for social media and WhatsApp/private messaging to support this process. People should take pride in having supported your cause, and allowing them to share when they enter a draw is a great way of allowing them to showcase their contributions.

We also recommend creating content such as videos or written interviews for your social media channels and website which highlight your winners, as this is a great way to encourage people to participate in future draws, and the impact of the funds being raised.


We hope you find these ideas helpful. Our team will be on hand to support you every step of the way, should you choose to host a Play Fund Win fundraising draw. To find out more, click here or contact


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