From Sunday League to Champions League - Play Fund Win

From Sunday League to Champions League

March 10, 2022

From Sunday League to Champions League

How Play Fund Win works with clubs across every level of football to help generate vital funds.

Play Fund Win is a platform created for causes of every size, from non-league teams to Champions League clubs.

On the face of it there may not seem to be much similarity between Manchester City’s club foundation, City in the Community, and Wythenshawe Amateurs – beyond their geographical proximity. However, Play Fund Win is working to help both of these clubs, and many others across the footballing pyramid, generate additional funds and provide a real difference to their operations.

Our Sport Business Development Manager, David Broadbent, works with clubs at all levels of the game. David has a background in football and has been involved in clubs at all levels, from serving as Chairman of his former junior team and being on the board of a semi-professional club, to working in the Premier League. Despite the apparent disparities, David is the first to draw upon similarities that run through the game at all levels. We caught up with David to consider some of the similarities and differences between the clubs which Play Fund Win partner with.

“It doesn’t matter what level your club plays at, there is always the need to generate extra revenue. This could be to pay for kit, pitch fees and medical supplies for your junior team. Or, it could be Premier League club’s foundation looking to raise money to allow them to fund additional community programmes.

The beauty of the Play Fund Win platform is that it adapts and allows clubs of all sizes to offer a service to their members, players and supporters. The same system and platform is available to all, with no upfront cost, and all of our clubs are treated in exactly the same way.

Many of today’s top England internationals came through the ranks at junior, grassroots clubs, and as we make a return to normality in wider society, the lasting effects of the pandemic on some of these clubs loom large. Many had to close their facilities for month after month, depriving them of the income upon which they rely in order to function as a club. Revenue streams of professional club foundations were hit just as hard. Working with us allows a new revenue channel to be created to drive extra income into the club, whilst at the same time giving those who buy a ticket the chance at winning cash, or a great club-related prizes.”

From a wider footballing revenue perspective David also adds, “It doesn’t matter the level you play at, every club has its commercial challenges, every team looks for a shirt sponsor, each club wants to sell extra pies on a matchday, or get other running costs covered. It’s just the number of zeros that vary! Even the smallest of clubs can harness the power of their players and supporter-base, and act as a force for good within any local community. As a sport, football, whilst being far from perfect, is superb at uniting people. That applies on the pitch, generating support at a crucial game, or away from the pitch with wider issues or events and programmes within the local community.

The power of football to be used as a force for good certainly can’t be underestimated. By using Play Fund Win, clubs can give their supporters the opportunity to not only help the club, but also to win prizes themselves. This means that on a matchday, even if you can’t be there at the game, you can still support your club and feel a part of its community, and ability to serve as a force for good.”

At Wythenshawe AFC, the club run a monthly subscription-based draw through Play Fund Win. It is £5 per month to enter, and from here the proceeds are split 50:50 between the club and a cash jackpot winner. With this subscription model, the club are guaranteed a monthly income which, with the right marketing and promotion, can be a significant amount.

At CITC we work with them on a number of different types of prize draws. These range from matchday hospitality at a Champions League game to matchday draws which can entered by all those attending the game, or even sat at home! Whilst the numbers involved may be different, the platform and the service which the Play Fund Win team provide work in exactly the same way. Our digital draw platform is designed for use at all levels of the game, and indeed, this is what is currently happening. We are delighted to be growing as a business and are adding new clubs on a weekly basis, from Sunday League to the Champions League.

To find out how Play Fund Win can benefit your club, contact our Sport Business Development Manager, David Broadbent, either by emailing or by calling 07837 274 269.


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