Middlesex FA Club Raffle


11 July 2021
Draw Finished

Draw Countdown

11 July 2021
Draw Finished
Supporting Middlesex FA affiliated clubs

Draw Countdown

11 July 2021
Draw Finished

Middlesex FA Club Raffle

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Draw Finished


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Winner From Club Name is Concorde Rangers

Winning ticket no is 910171


County Draw prize to be won


Prize pot increases with every entry

One Entry = Two chances to win

Club Draw – Every club has a winner. Prize increases by £1 with every entry

County Draw – Every entry is entered in to a draw to win the global pot. Prize increases by 50p with every entry

  • Auto-entry into every draw
  • Guaranteed winner in every draw
  • Regular support for our cause
Raising funds for Grassroots Football clubs in Middlesex
Raising funds for...
Raising funds for...
Raising funds for...
Alternative entry routes available click here for terms.

50% of all profits go to St. Luke's Hospice

About The Draw

We are delighted that Middlesex FA have the opportunity to work with Play Fund Win to give grassroots clubs and club foundations the opportunity to proactively fundraise to help recoup some of the revenues which have been lost over the past 15 months, and which clubs rely on.

We have worked hard during that time to suggest and signpost our clubs to support them in this difficult financial period. We have waived affiliation fees for two seasons running and discounted insurance through the UK Global Group in an effort to make things a little easier and now continue to look for ways in which we can help clubs with their
financial challenges.

50% of all entry fees go directly to the grassroots club which you select and by entering you will have the chance to win one of two prizes - a cash prize which is ringfenced exclusively for the team you select to support (£1 from every entry helps to build these pots), or the County-wide draw which everyone purchasing a ticket is entered into and which increases by £0.50p with every entry received.

All you need to do is promote the draw across your clubs network, using the bespoke tools which you can request by completing this form and making sure people select your club when they enter. The more who select your club to benefit, the more your club makes from the draw.

Finally, Middlesex FA have also agreed that the 5% of funds which were coming in our direction will go straight to St Luke’s Hospice, our charity partner who we are proud to support for the third year in succession.

If anyone would like 50% of their ticket price to go straight to St Luke’s Hospice instead of a club there is also a choice to donate directly to St Luke’s which would take you out of the running for a club jackpot prize, but still leave you with a chance to win the central prize pot.

Beyond this draw clubs can decide if they would like to host their own draws through Play Fund Win as a way of continuing to fundraise using their simple digital raffle platform.

Clubs don’t pay any upfront fees to stage a draw and Play Fund Win take care of everything for you, you simply tell them when you want the draw to take place, how much you want to charge for entry and then promote the draws through the club’s networks, using the marketing kits that Play Fund Win provide for you. To find out more about staging your own draws as a regular income stream simply click here to find out more.

For now, good luck and thank you for helping to support grassroots football in Middlesex.

Middlesex FA

  • A full break down of the £5 raffle ticket is below for complete transparency
  • £2.50 direct to the club of your choice for them to keep
  • £1 to your club raffle prize which you are entered into after selecting them as your club
  • £0.50p to the central Middlesex draw which you are also automatically entered into
  • £0.25p to St Luke’s Hospice
  • £0.25p to Play Fund Win
  • £0.50p to cover the operating costs of staging the draw

How it works


Play a draw by visiting the Play Fund Win and finding your favourite cause.


50% of all entry fees in this draw go directly to Grassroots Clubs in Middlesex


Cash Prizes as every entry has 2 chances to win!

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