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Dan Schofield


Favourite Sport:
I can genuinely watch and enjoy any sport. My favourites, though, are Ice Hockey and Football.

Favourite Sports Team:
The Mighty(!) Sheffield United FC

Favourite Event:
I’m a self-confessed ‘Event Geek’. I love going to Glastonbury and would absolutely love to go to La Tomatina Festival in Spain.

Favourite Artist:
Anything 90’s Britpop. How cool would it be to stage Play Fund Win draws at Oasis reunion shows, and raise millions for charities nominated by the band?

Favourite Charity:
I support a few, privately, that have really personal family connections. Those aside, I like to support charities that have a direct impact on people with a real and immediate need.

Favourite Tech Development:
I’m sure it’ll change tomorrow, but I got introduced to the ‘Otter Pro App’ the other day, so now I’m embracing “talk not type” and dictating my emails into the App.