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About Us

About Us

We are passionate about making a difference to people’s lives, and providing them with the tools
to raise the funds they need to make a positive impact.

Intro about us

Play Fund Win was started in 2019 by three friends with a passion for sport, events and tech, who are on a mission to raise millions of pounds for good causes and charities using our revolutionary digital fundraising platform. By digitising paper-based raffles, we make hosting a draw easy, and make taking part fun and engaging.

Play our draws. Fund good causes. Win amazing prizes.

“Play Fund Win has always been about opening doors. Opening doors and breaking down financial barriers to participation in sport. Opening doors by digitising manual processes and opening doors in areas that previously haven’t been capitalised on for fundraising (such as crowds at events). Playing sport as a kid, and working in events, has given me so much. Being able to give something back in both these areas is a huge passion which drives all of what we do with Play Fund Win. Play our draws. Fund good causes. Win cash prizes”

Dan, CEO

Meet the team

We’re all about sports, events, charity and technology, so we thought we’d tell you a bit about ourselves and our favourite things in those areas:

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Dan Schofield

Steve Lightfoot

Dean Lynn
Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder

James Lester
Director of Operations

Matt Hill
Marketing Executive

David Broadbent
Business Development Manager – Sport

Simon Rutter
Technical Product Manager

Olivia Cork
Operations Manager

Eleanor Forbes
Fundraising Business Administrator

How It Works


Play a draw by visiting Play Fund Win and finding your favourite cause.


Fund good causes and grassroots sports, as minimum 50% of the profits go to charity or good causes, more than any nationwide lottery.


The draw host determines the prize with a % of the entry fee forming a cash jackpot, or hosts can provide alternative prizes to ensure more money is raised for their good cause.

Thinking of starting a draw?

The revolutionary digital raffle platform that makes fundraising simple for
sports clubs, events and charities